Zen Cart modules

I’ve made several modules for Zen Cart open source e-shop. The modules are based on osCommerce implementation.


  1. TatraPay & CardPay module (based on Juraj Bednar’s implementation for osCommerce)
  2. SporoPay module (my own, but unfortunately untested implementation)
  3. VUB e-platby (based on implementation of Daniel, Roman Hanajik, Jindrich Kratochvil)
  4. HomeCredit (not working due to changed specification)


  1. HomeCredit module
  2. Quatro module
  3. Cetelem module

Unfortunately I don’t have specification for these payment systems and the companies are not answering my emails (that’s a shame). If you would like me to implement one of these, please send me the specification and I’ll be glad to help.



you can download the modules here

pošli na vybrali.sme.sk

  1. #1 by Miro Hornak on 2010-12-30 - 13:04

    Zdravim ta,

    chcem sa ta opytat, ci nemas nahodou modul splatkoveho predaja QUATRO na zen-cart, ktory nutne potrebujem, resp. ci nevies upravit modul homecreditu na quatro, aby som ho mohol vyuzit???

  2. #2 by admin on 2010-12-30 - 13:09


    snazil som sa ziskat specku na quatro aj homecredit ale nejak mi neodpisali, takze to nie je k dispozicii. Ak mas specifikaciu quatra, ze co treba kam posielat, tak to mozem cez vikend spravit 😉

  3. #3 by Miro Hornak on 2011-01-06 - 11:12

    Ahoj Lacike, pocuj podarilo sa ti to dat dokopy ci nie??? budem rad ak mi odpovies 🙂

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