Java String.isEmpty interrupts method call or thread

Lacike/ November 15, 2012/ Hints

Does your call of String.isEmpty in your code cause strange behaviour such as: – sudden interruption of method call (as if return was called) – thread interruption ? The problem is quite simple – you had build your code using JDK 1.6 with language compatibility set to previous version (1.4, 1.5) hoping the compiler would use the correct classes. This

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AXIS SOAPFaultBuilder throws DOMException WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR

Lacike/ October 7, 2010/ Software & Development

Did you try to use Axis to connect to a remote web service? Do you get “SOAPFaultBuilder throws DOMException WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR” error? Well, it’s a well known bug that’s been fixed. However, the fix has not been included in any released version (that’s since 2006). You have to download the sources, add one line, change the next one and then build

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