axis2 codegen wizard (Eclipse) – InvocationTargetException

Lacike/ October 9, 2012/ Software & Development

There is a known problem with InvocationTargetException when you press Finish button in Eclipse’s Axis code generation wizard. I don’t know why there is no newer version available, however the steps are pretty straightforward. There is also a ready to deploy zip file available here. However, you have to register to download it. I had trouble following the steps, because

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Atomic Bomberman Windows 7 messed up colors

Lacike/ February 7, 2012/ Uncategorized

Atomic Bomberman doesn’t work under Windows 7 correctly. The colors are messed up. This is actually a well known problem. There are 2 solutions (use the one you find better): run the BM95_fix_color to create windows registry compatibility records for bm.exe and bm95.exe (this is a file from the link above that contains also bm.exe record that had to be added

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AXIS SOAPFaultBuilder throws DOMException WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR

Lacike/ October 7, 2010/ Software & Development

Did you try to use Axis to connect to a remote web service? Do you get “SOAPFaultBuilder throws DOMException WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR” error? Well, it’s a well known bug that’s been fixed. However, the fix has not been included in any released version (that’s since 2006). You have to download the sources, add one line, change the next one and then build

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