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axis2 codegen wizard (Eclipse) – InvocationTargetException

lacike/ October 9, 2012/ Software & Development/ 0 comments

There is a known problem with InvocationTargetException when you press Finish button in Eclipse’s Axis code generation wizard. I don’t know why there is no newer version available, however the steps are pretty straightforward. There is also a ready to deploy zip file available here. However, you have to register to download it. I had trouble following the steps, because

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Confluence NTLM/SSPI (Domain Trusted Login) using Apache HTTP Server

lacike/ July 28, 2011/ Plugins & translation/ 0 comments

I also had some time to finish the article of How to authenticate users in Confluence using the Domain account without using jcifs to actually authenticate (it’s used only to get the user details after he/she had been authenticated). If you have any questions or problems, just contact me.   This topic may also be known as: Confluence SSO Confluence Single

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