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Error launching .NET application from shared folder or mapped drive

This is pretty old issue – you’d like to execute .NET application from shared folder or mapped drive and it fails. In some cases you won’t even get an error screen because the creator of the application somehow handles the error and the application “consumes” it without showing it.

There are numerous methods starting from setting security levels for .NET (.NET 1.1) ending with lowering the intranet settings. I had always trouble remembering the correct steps, but there is a solution I found here. You just have to download their executable and run it in the folder you’d like to have FullTrust for (and be able to run .NET applications from) – it will set everything for you. Don’t forget, if you have your libraries in separate folders, you have to run the application in each of them!


EDIT: I think that creting a mirro might be a good idea, so if the sites is not available, grub the file from here.