JAXB xjc expected element of type …

Lacike/ November 21, 2012/ Hints

If you have trouble loading Xml using classes generated by xjc tool (included in JAXB distribution), be carefull and do not define XSD main element like this: <!– MAIN element –> <xs:element name=”main” type=”Main”> <xs:complexType name=”Main”> … The problem here is that the main element and main element type names are identical (except the first letter that is uppercased). Xjc

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Xalan Xsl and Lookup tables

Lacike/ June 23, 2011/ Software & Development

If you don’t know what is a lookup table in context of Xsl transformation you might like these short example articles here or here The common way to use lookup tables in Xsl transformations is to use select=”document(”)/*/data/” syntax. If there is no path provided and the parameter of document() function is string, the function returns the reference to the

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