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axis2 codegen wizard (Eclipse) – InvocationTargetException

There is a known problem with InvocationTargetException when you press Finish button in Eclipse’s Axis code generation wizard. I don’t know why there is no newer version available, however the steps are pretty straightforward. There is also a ready to deploy zip file available here. However, you have to register to download it.

I had trouble following the steps, because there is no backport-utils package anymore in axis2-bin/lib directory. Also, I tried to register the jar in plugin.xml over and over again just to find out that stupid PSPad didn’t save the changes, because there are windows7 permission and stuff.

By the way, funny thing is that the directory name is 1.3.0 even for version  1.4.1..

So, if you are as lazy as me, here get the fixed Axis2_Codegen_Wizard_1.4.1. Yes, it is a direct link, no more stupid forums where you need registration and wait 7 days until you are allowed to do anything.




NOTE: please note there is a version 1.6.2 of the plugin that works just fine!